Tax Law

Federal tax law is incredibly complex, and constantly changing. A tax law practice here has the knowledge and skill needed to properly interpret and communicate the complexities of tax law with our clients. Our goal is to decode tax talk into real communication. We have protected the interests of every kind of taxpayer, from the individual to the nonprofit organization.

With our proven success at structuring mergers, acquisitions and other corporate transactions, preparing and designing agreements and investment transactions, and every form of business transaction, you can be certain our tax practice will staunchly defend your best interests.

Corporate And Business Tax Law

A good understanding of corporate tax law is crucial not only to the bottom line of your business, but to maximizing potential for growth and securing the financial future of you and your loved ones. We’re able to leverage a sound understanding of financial structures and business into practical, dependable advice for running a better business. We have the experience and knowledge to understand and provide guidance for every type of business transaction, from mergers and acquisitions to project financing and corporate reorganizations.

International Tax Law

When considering growing a business overseas or finding a new international trade partner, sound advice on the complexities of international tax law is a must. Our international tax law clients range from large corporations with overseas interests to individuals with an interest in international investments. We regularly aid our multinational clients minimize their U.S. tax obligations with a wide array of planning techniques, as well as help to foresee and plan for international tax controversies. If you are considering investing in another country, we can provide you with a sophisticated and detailed analysis of the tax implications of owning foreign equities and real estate. Call us and feel certain you made the right decision with your money.

IRS Audit Tax Litigation

The IRS is the largest collection agency in the world, and they can utterly relentless in pursuit of tax fraud. Being audited can be a daunting experience. The penalties for tax fraud can be severe and even include prison time. Most people have no experience in dealing with the legal difficulties of an audit. It is imperative that you retain expert legal counsel to protect your interests. It takes practice and experience to negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service, but we boast a proven track record of helping clients find the right tax settlement options with minimum penalties.