One of the most common crimes in Texas is also one of the most hardest for the prosecution to prove. How do the police know you were driving while intoxicated? There’s a reason why cops make you take a variety of tests. In our opinion, not one proves 100% that you were beyond the legal limit of intoxication.

The way we handle your DWI case will depend on the evidence you provided the police. Did you give a breath sample? Did you perform field sobriety tests? How did you perform on them? It’s important to remember that you were most likely filmed the entire time you were under suspicion of DWI.

Again, the less evidence the police has on you, the easier your case will be to defend. But we have been known to get great results for clients who didn’t look the best on film. Also important is the reason why the police officer pulled you over. There has to be probable cause for some type of violation (speeding, changing lanes without signal) to pull you over. If there was no probable cause for the initial stop, your case is looking very good.

The bottom line is that we know good people can make mistakes. Don’t let a DWI ruin your future. Call us to learn what we can do to make your DWI a thing of the past.