Child Support

Paying child support is something the state of Texas takes very seriously. Once an order to pay child support has been issued, the failure to timely pay that support can land that person in jail. If jail isn’t a big enough deterrent, every time a child support payment isn’t made, interest accrues.

A child support order is very difficult to modify. This goes for the person getting support as well as the person paying it. That’s why it’s imperative that both parties get it right the first time. Texas has a standard percentage that is presumed to be in the best interest of the child. Whatever parent wants to change that percentage level must prove why. There are times when a modification is necessary for one party. We’ve been on both sides of this area and know how to handle each one.

Retroactive child support is something a lot of parents don’t plan for. In Texas, even if no order has been issued requiring the support of a child, it’s possible that a future order can order someone to pay support back to the birth of that child. There are a few exceptions, so call us if you have a question about that.