Business Law

Whether you’re a corporation, partnership, LLC, or a sole proprietorship, they have you covered.

Breach of Contract

A mistake business owners typically make is that they believe a “deal” not writing is not a binding contract. That may be true, but there are certain “deals” that don’t need to be in writing to be an enforceable contract. With so many business deals being made over drinks or a game of golf, it’s not surprising that parties to an oral contract commonly dispute its terms. Even written contracts can lead to legal problems. A contract not written or reviewed by an attorney can severely limit the rights of one or both parties.

Partner/Co-Owner Disputes

Partner disputes, if left unchecked, can ultimately destroy a business. It’s best to take care of these as quickly as possible. Sometimes it’s best to keep these types of disputes out of the courtroom. If you take the issue to a judge, the judge may make a decision that nobody is happy with. If negotiations and settlement conferences don’t work, however, the only other choice may be the courtroom.

Employment Issues

Unfortunately, many businesses are unprepared to handle the wide assortment of employment issues that can arise when a company grows. Even businesses with less than 20 employees see issues like sexual harassment, employee stealing/theft, and other problems come up. While Texas is an at-will employment state, there are still crucial steps that should be taken to ensure your business is protected from future litigation from past or even current employees.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

A fiduciary duty is a formal, technical relationship of confidence and trust imposing greater duties upon a fiduciary as a matter of law. In plain English, if a business partner acts unreasonably in their business capacity and harms the business, that person may have breached their fiduciary duty. A fiduciary duty can be placed on an informal relationship as well as a formal one. Since this is a very complex area of law, consulting with the attorneys will give you the best idea of how to proceed.