Estate Planning

The estate planning practice covers almost every type of life event one could anticipate. While everyone knows the importance of a will, medical directives and other powers of attorney can be extremely useful when difficult times arrive. Additionally, experienced estate planning lawyers realize that while simple wills cover the majority of peoples assets, there are times where more complex will and trust agreements will offer better and safer protection.


Everyone should have a properly-executed will. If you’ve attempted to write your own will or use an online form, it’s possible that Texas does not recognize the document. Our lawyers know the laws here that govern wills. Dying without a properly-formed will may give your family and friends headaches you didn’t anticipate. Protect your assets and get a will that Texas courts will probate.

Medical Directives/Living Wills

With recent advances in technology, more people are able to stay alive when they are in an unconscious state. This can pose a problem if the only thing keeping this person alive is a machine. A living will can solve this problem. A properly-executed living will tells doctors and family members what you want when you’re unable to make health decisions. Do you want to be kept alive in certain situations? Ensure that your voice is heard even when you’re unable to talk.


Trusts can be used alongside wills or totally separate. When used with a will, a trust can effectively manage certain assets before and after you pass away. It takes an experienced estate planning attorney to know when a trust is a good option. Trusts can also be used by themselves to manage assets for the benefit of someone else. Typically, these are used for children who should not have access to large amounts of money until they become a certain age.